Curvature map for Maya


In this post we will have a look at a free maya plugin that generates a “curvature map”, from where you can extract edge/concavity masks. This plugin will create a vertex color set with red, green and blue information that you use to mask out parts of your model for procedural shading effects.

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Russian Roulette sampling


In this post we’ll have a look at some sampling technics that can dramatically speed up your render times without affecting image quality. Let’s explore the alSurface shader for Arnold, and the “magic” Russian Roulette check-box.

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Rendering large scale ocean surfaces in Maya


Rendering large scale ocean surfaces can be an hard task to accomplish, there are plenty of plugins and built in tools to do it, but it’s not always simple to setup and understand the technical attributes. In this post I will walk you through the scene setup to achieve the final result you can see in the above image.

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Crop factor in Maya 3D cameras

In this video we show you how to properly set your 3D camera to match the real world camera, either by using the original sensor size or the crop multiplier in the focal length. This video is part of the CG Generalist Course.

AlNoise textures for arnold


If you been following Grant Warwick’s Mastering Vray series, you certainly reconsider procedural texturing. But 3ds Max users have some powerful noise shaders/textures, like the Bercon noise, which as far as I know it’s not available for Maya. In this post we are going to explore some 3rd party noise textures, part of the alShaders library, that will give you more flexibility than the standard noise/fractal textures.

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