Advanced shading techniques vol 2 – free class

In this video I cover many topics regarding the cg industry, after the first experience outside my comfort zone. There is also, of course, some tips on uv’s baking, and the best thing? I decided that should be free, I want to reach a bigger audience, so I uploaded for free, sorry premium customers, but I believe you understand. Enjoy and please comment so I know where I should go next. :)

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Shading and Lighting


So, while setting up my laptop to handle the 3D freelancer thing, I been thinking about writing a book about shading and lighting, not that I know much about it, but because I want to share my approach, at least for starters, it can help others to understand another way of thinking about shading and lighting in 3D. No book for now, not even soon I believe, have a read and let me know if you would like more information like this.

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Therenderblog saying goodbye


Hello guys. I have been creating tutorials for the last 2 years or so, therenderblog is much more than I expected, but unfortunately I wont have more time to focus on tutorials, since I want to work for a studio full time.┬áThe blog and its content will be kept online for now, but I don’t want to keep it online outdated, so I will take it down in July/August.

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Video tutorial (time-lapse)

Hello guys and gals. A good music (?) and a new project I started today. We are not mainstream, we are part of something smaller but somehow bigger. Express yourself. This is just a time-lapse with some background music. Hope you like it, let me know if you want more, just a sketch. :)

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Shading networks in Maya

In this video we will be looking at shading networks in Maya, working with the alShaders library and common Maya shading nodes. This video is part of our last course.

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