Advanced shading techniques vol 2

Advanced_Shading_Techniques volume two

So, in this particular course we will try to recreate many real world materials, like plastics, metals, and more. The goal here is to go a bit deeper in the details, still keeping a manageable and simple approach.  we also have a bonus section with many of those tips and tricks I share on therenderblog, from modeling, playing with the new tools of Maya extension 2 and of course taking advantage of the new improved arnold renderview.

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General Overview

Hello guys, first of all I have to thank you for supporting therenderblog, without you wouldn’t be possible to keep doing this tutorials.

So I am returning with this new course, Advanced Shading Techniques volume 2, this time I try to follow some of your requests, I am doing a more extended edit to the recorded videos, and not speeding up so much the videos. And since the first volume was one of the most appreciated courses, if you enjoy our previous courses, I’m sure you guys will like this one too.

Many of you ask me why am I using arnold and not vray or mental ray. For me it’s like a matter of feeling comfortable with arnold, vray is amazing, and like I learned so many things from houdini tutorials, 3ds max tutorials, blender, and many other, you can easily replicate the same approach in any render, and it will be a challenge on itself.

We also have a “case study” where we bring together web and 3D to add visual detail to a website.

Ok guys, thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.

Additional info

*The content consists of 1080p video files with audio.

*The course will be available after May 16.

*The only payment method available is paypal, the total cost is 59$