Antenna Shading project

Hello 3D friends, I was reviewing a few ideas, watching paranorman, what a beautiful masterpiece. Movies just keeps pushing me forward the creativity we all have to embrace in this industry. I have this old asset and I thought it would be a nice idea to reproduce in Maya. I been going throw some old material I have around and found so many resources that sometimes I don’t even connect the internet. That just make me more flexible to trust your skills and follow the layers of imagination. I was told once “imagine an empty canvas” and from there, try to make something, that’s what we all do, traditionally or with computers.

So as you can see from the preview video above I have this new tutorial, with the length of 1h:14 I walk you throw all the process of the shading of this simple asset. If you been following along with my last courses it’s a bit different this time, and I try to explain all the settings more slowly and step by step, sometimes people that buy my tutorials are high profiles companies or just random artists getting into 3D.

Right so what I have to offer you guys is the chance to get this for only 15$. Plus you can get the last modeling course at half price. I hope you find this new material useful for your next November rain :)

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Thank you,
João Chaves