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5 Useful Python Commands


In this post I will share 5 python commands that you can use in your scripts or in your daily tasks inside Maya. Things like renaming transform and shape nodes, query material connections or manage your lights attributes. Really simple to understand and ready to use in the script editor.

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Custom Fresnel curves in Maya – Part 2


This is a follow up post from the first part on how to create custom fresnel curves in maya. In this second part I will break down the script that was added to the custom tools that you can download from creativecrash. This gives you the chance to create your own version and perhaps learn some python scripting.

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Creating ID/mask passes using python based on selection sets


Creating masks/id passes it’s really simple, but when working on a scene last week I needed to make id passes based on selections and didn’t want to mess with render layers. So every set of objects would have a different ID pass. Also, just wanted to have full red, green and blue colors, because that makes more easy to mask by channel in photoshop or nuke, instead of having arbitrary colors that you might get with default id passes/shaders. So in this post I am going to show you how I used python to automate the process.

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Loading render passes/aov’s inside maya renderview with python

load aovs maya python

One of the nice features of vray is the ability to load the different render passes inside the vray framebuffer in maya. This give us the option to troubleshoot for example the aliasing issues like noise and such. Lately I have been working mostly with arnold and wanted to add this feature. In this post I am going to share how I did it, using python.

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Create a “light from view” script with python in maya

In this tutorial we will write a simple script to create lights from the camera’s point of view. If you never used python or mel before dont worry because it’s really easy to understand and having some knowledge about this topic can be really helpfull in you carreer, or even if you are just setting your own home pipeline. Beeing able to automate tasks and add new features combining the maya native functionality¬†with your own aproach is a great skill to have in yout toolbox.

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