CG Generalist Course – Volume 2

In this volume we will continue to expand our toolset as a CG Generalist, exploring more procedural techniques for modeling and texturing, creating custom texturing commands with python, camera projections, and many tips and tricks along the way, taking advantage of the new features in Maya 2016. You can pre order the course now if you bought any of our previous courses.

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CHAPTER 1 – Layered Materials in Maya

We start with by taking a closer look to the alShaders library for arnold, exploring nodes like alTriplanar, alCombineColor, the layer nodes and more. The goal is to build a workflow for layered materials.

CHAPTER 2 – Python Scripting

Now we try to automate all the repetitive tasks we used in the first section, developing custom scripts and shading networks shortcuts.

CHAPTER 3 – Camera Projection Workflow

In this section we begin our project, starting from an hdr backplate and develop a good workflow on camera matching and projection.

CHAPTER 4 – Camera Projection Workflow – Part 2

We continue to work in our project, now exploring the new uv mapping tools in Maya 2016, add some extra details to our geometry and fix the projection shader using photoshop.