CG generalist course


In this course we cover a range of subjects including efficient 3D modeling, texture creation, python scripting and problem solving. We won’t focus on a particular project, the goal is to show you a technique, a tip, a workflow and move on. The content is divided in four sections (see more below). Each section contains +20 tips or tutorials, watch the intro video and read more below.



We start with Photoshop, using the software as a 3D artist. We cover linear workflow inside photoshop, processing photos for texturing, creating custom displacement and glossiness maps, advanced blending options, color matching techniques and more. Although Mari is a great tool for texturing, there’s no CG Generalist that can live without Photoshop, from image manipulation to maps creation, this is an essential software package.


This is the largest section of the course, with an emphasis on artistic and technical workflows, like saving render time, changing material behavior based on artistic decisions, using simple Maya python commands to automate tasks, complex mesh creation, camera match, projections and more. There are plenty of tips and tutorials in this section to cover all experience levels.


In the Nuke videos we cover workflows such as color correcting linear images and HDR’s, solving problems like camera import issues and scene scale, creating lens effects, expressions and more. We also explore some custom gizmos, customizing nuke user interface, and face common problems inside nuke’s 3D space, that even compositors experts would benefit.


Finally some theory. Things like texture acquisition, natural weathering, modeling workflows and more. This will be a general overview on various workflows, going through some slides and explaining different concepts. We explore real world examples, and although this is a theory lesson, there are plenty of practical tips.

Additional info

*The recording time was +10 hours, but I have cut and edit everything, speed up sections and skip repetitive tasks, to provide you the best learning experience, the total length of the videos are around 2 and half hours.

*The content consists of 720p video files with audio.

*In these first weeks, all the orders will be processed manually due to the lack of resources, so it may take up to 4 hours to receive the content, which will be sent as a download link to your paypal email. Once we receive the paypal notification email we will process the order.

*The only payment method available is paypal, the total cost is 39$.

  • OhKOO

    Based on your previous contributions on therenderblog this is a nobrainer, added to buy list! Curious to ask though, are there any Arnold content covered in these? Also, is it possible to provide the full unedited content as a separate download (the boring repetitive parts creates a solid understanding of your workflow as a whole).


    • therenderblog

      Hey, thanks for the feedback.

      We do cover some arnold content. As for the edited parts you won’t lose anything, it’s all there, just don’t want to waste your time rendering the scene and waiting, so I cut just the unnecessary parts, trial and error stuff, but then I explain everything. Anyhow, if you feel you miss anything I will be glad to give support by email, as I state in the video content.

      btw, I plan to post some of the videos in the next weeks in the blog so you guys can have a look. There are almost 100 tips, tutorials and workflows, I am sure anyone would benefit from this.


  • r l

    I would like to grab this too, any chance of direct Visa payment?

    • therenderblog

      Only paypal for now. Let me know if you need any help.

      • lokesh

        I am intrested.Will u provide online live training or will u provide recorded videos?

        • therenderblog

          Pre recorded videos, downloadable. Cheers

  • manuel huertas marchena

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and got to say its definetly one of the best resources of quality content I’ve seen around, you guys know your stuff and know it well. Specially from a vfx for film pov and not an over generalist approach. I ll surely purchase a copy and encourage you to keep the great work! I find that advanced lookdev and lighting (an area I am interested personally) techniques are scarce to find, so looking for more in the future. Cheers

  • Joe Cyriac

    Thank you, this is very helpful! I know you delve into Arnold, is there a chance you can cover some topics on V-Ray as well in the future? That would be amazing.

    • therenderblog

      I do cover some Vray content in this course too. I will also make more articles about vray and maya for sure.

  • r l

    What’s missing.. ‘from the trailer’, ;) , is anything linear workflow related in maya. Any chance you cover any of that?

    • therenderblog

      yeah, we do cover it in photoshop, there was enough maya/others linear workflow tutorials around :)

  • Christopher R

    Has anyone bought this course, I was wondering how well it is ? Is it possible to get a discount ?

    • therenderblog

      have a look around in our blog posts, if you enjoy it and feel that you learned something, you will like the course too. As for discounts, we already made the course low price so everyone can have access to it. Cheers

  • Mark Bradshaw

    Are there files included with the course? Is it only video content?

    • therenderblog

      As described above, this course is not project based, although we work a bit on the helicopter/ship scene. But yeah, only video content. Cheers

  • Mark Bradshaw

    Just bought it. Looking forward to watching it as well!

  • damaggio

    Thanks Renderblog for the great videos, they are really quite helpful, I
    hope you are already working on another one that we can see in a few
    months, please keep it up.