CGI might be the best industry ever

Hello there. I can’t quit writing on the blog, so I guess we will keep talking here on therenderblog, on fb too, dont forget. So, in the new post we dive deeper in this industry to understand what is going wrong. Are we happy enough with our job? I thought about “game over”, tired of mouse clicks, but wait, you can’t forget that Houdini, Maya, Nuke, blender, even a small plugin or script is someone else’s passion, let’s try to understand a few things, help me if I’m wrong.

who is who?

Thing’s have names, like boats, cars, stars, planets, they all have names, and you too. In 3D we have a lot of names, we even have a particular specific way of writing about it, with underscore’s and caps lock. You see, bump mapping, you know, displacement, you know, all the names, diffuse, specular. Stop and look, it’s easy when you ask nature permission to make money about it.

So, you know where this kind of thinking lead us, #crazyness. And to be honest I prefer to be less crazy, let me give you a few tips along your journey and send me a letter or buy me a juice, freshly squeezed from London would be perfect. Next time.

Tip..what tip?

Tips are everywhere, cgi will make you feel wonders, dream about anything, butterflies, uricanes, fly and scream with facial expression. Do comedy, why not? Do #eARTh.


“Should I stay or should I go.” My goal here is to inspire you somehow, money comes, wisdom comes, freedom too. Look around you, full of nature to reproduce. Modeling? Look and focus, know how, savoir fair, comes with time, time is the key. Patience like they tell us in the music. Don’t waste time with fun only, many people said that before therenderblog or me or you. They know better, we learn, quiet in our corners, full of microphones, headphones, stuff, scatter like a particle system that allows to simulate it.

“Are you for real?” So I was living before too in London and they told me you have to behave, be aware of that guys, I had a dream, weta digital, on the island, New Zealand. I am slso from the island, and here nature is amazing. In London? So many textures for free. You dont need a full frame sensor, you need your phone, that you can also use for other online or offline realities.

So in this new course we are going to slow a bit down and start from the bottom, modeling first. Good models are always more easy to texture, to rig and animate and finally to deliver on time. They want you to be good, so I am just warning you, be good or they fire you like they did to me, poor little me. :o The truth is that you are also lazy and you think too much on how and when to apply the technique, the trick is to focus and forget, as always, but now harder, try harder, not because you are good already, but because you can see,picture, cut in parts and build again or for the first time. How much money you need? They pay really good, that’s why I say it’s a nice skill to have, I just don’t like 9-to-5. Make sure this is your option, you will have a boss.


So I visited the guru, I was confused with all of this! In the end they just wanted to sell me a book. The guru didn’t talk much, wise man. He just said to my thoughts “there is a new opportunity around the corner”. :) And after this, I found I can be my own guru, I will keep teaching the art of creation, create, innovate, your own project, dont follow the person, follow the color and shape, you will learn so much more. STOP. WAIT. Do not look at every single corner, it’s too much to reproduce, slow it down, get the project on the shelf or start a new one right now, do something new every day, you will eventually get better, at least my english in getting better.

I am home, if you need private 3D lessons on skype, if you have a studio where you are looking for new recruits, here I am. :) Email me at

render test

So, before I UPDATE therenderblog we are doing a promotion, so you guys can get the courses before I take it down to another dimension #4D. There is a new campaign so you get all the courses listed on the products section, 50$. Use the link on the sidebar to checkout or using this link .

Thank you for reading therenderblog and see you soon,
João Chaves