Clay render with ambient occlusion, wireframe and specular


Turntables, wireframe renders or even playbasts are some of the possible ways to show your work in a breakdown. Everyone has their own way to do it. In this post I am going to show you my aproach, which consists of combining ambient occlusion, wireframe and the clay base grey-ish shader.

Base shaders

I am testing here with arnold renderer, but you can easly replicate this in any other render engine like mental ray or vray. My aproach involves creating an aiStandard, aiWireframe and aiAmbientOcclusion with the following settings:


The aiStandard is for soft reflections and base grey color, the settings might differ from scene to scene, the ambient occlusion will enhance the model details and the wireframe with white line color is just a personal preference instead of the usual black on white wireframe.

Layered texture setup

The next step is combining all the shaders in a layered texture with 3 swatches, pluging in the aiWireframe to the first swatch color, setting the blend mode to saturate and you can also control the effect of this layer with the alpha attribute, I keep mine around 0.6. In the second swatch plug in the aiAmbientOcclusion shader and set the blend mode to multiply. Finally connect the aiStandard to the 3rd input.


To finish it connect the layered texture to an aiUtility shader with the shader mode set to flat and color mode to color.


Setup a basic lighting rig and render your model.