Creating Realistic Grass with VRayFur


In this tutorial I show you how to setup a quick realistic grass scene using vray fur. This is very usefull when you need a quick solution that doesn’t look too “CG” and can give your scene a more natural look.

The 3D scene

maya 3d scene vrayfur

In this example I used a simple plane with around 10 divisions, created a render camera as vrayPhysicalCamera and for the lighting just a quick sun&Sky system.

Then just attach a vrayfur to your geometry by going to create >> v-ray >> v-ray fur >> add v-ray fur to selection. The settings I used are based on a small scale scene, use it as reference.

vray fur maya

Just give it a little variance, maybe you don’t to go so far on the distribution like I did with 600 per face, experiment with the settings untill you like the result.

Shading the grass

grass vray material

For the plane itself I used a vrayMtl with a constant dark green color, this way where you have gaps on the grass you will have something to fill that space and also it will add dimensionality to the scene adding a darker color bleeding on the grass near the floor.

For the grass I used a side projected ramp with a gradient from dark to light green. This way I have control over the shading of the grass along the strands. You can add more colors/variation to it, but try to keep it simple.

Final Tips

The render settings are basically the default settings, with some indirect illumination (Imap+LC). I added some ambient occlusion (in the render globals) to add more contrast. Depending on your scene you need to play with the shading/lighting to get a decent result. I haven’t used any reflections/translucency properties but feel free to experiment with, although that vrayfur may not react so good as geometry to those properties.

The final image is a raw rendered image without any post production effects. This was just a quick recipe for your “grassy” scenes, let me know what you think and any other tricks you use to have more realistic grass.

Final Result

vray fur maya

Happy Holidays everyone!