How much do you “love” 3D?


It’s been a while since I have done a “written post”, and I have so much to share and ask your opinion about. Because lately I feel really inspired to create and been really busy creating, not only 3D. Inspiration for me is not the same as motivation, but I learned that even without motivation… “you do what you do because you can do it”. But that’s not at all the point of this post, in this post I will try to share a bit of my “love” for 3D, after being really disappointed with people’s reaction for my “3D weirdness”. Maybe you can relate to it, no? Continue reading when you have some time, this will be long because I have 8 AA samples on the render settings, and writing this while waiting for it, I guess. :)

Background story ( to explain the “stupid” title of this post )

So I recently moved and one of these days visited my old friends town, and came across this friend from the driving license classes, he was with this friend that is studding 3D ( digital drawing something 3D ) and I thought, “oh cool, nice I find someone around the Island that does 3D too, and it happens to be a pretty girl! ;)


Well, eventually we started to talk about 3D of course, and I am an emotional person, I start to show The Third & The Seventh  and screaming: “you have to see this! and “that!” and “this!” . And also showed my blog of course, “hey, here is what I do, I am not an artist, just trying to have fun out of it”.. and in the end, I was so emotional and passionate, and I am like that whenever I talk about cg and graphics and photography and music, etc. So, the point is: before you think that I was just trying to impress the girl :D , simply no, I just happen to be “in love” with the subject.

Motivation vs Inspiration 

So this girl in the end was a bit inexpressive, and I thought to myself  ”how come she be so calm and saying yeah cool, nice…bla bla bla“? Is she that impressed that is speechless? Obviously no! Then I had this memory of an interview (*portuguese lang) from Carlos Cidrais *vfx td (  that is part of my earlier inspiration sources ) and he says something like:

“I do what I do… it’s my job. After work I go take care of whatever”, and this was like 5 years ago, and from all the inspiration that Carlos’s amazing work and story gave me, I still remember this little detail, maybe because I still haven’t figured out what it really means, should I continue to love 3D?


Yes, 3D, I love to play with it, I do it because I can, and I really like it for some reason ( watching the shadows, the light, the people too  ). I love to dig into Maya and whenever I find a frustration I get a solution with my basic  knowledge of python scripting, or I go out and take some 360 images or textures, to start a new project, like I am doing right now.

Yes I am not answering the phone right now,  no my friend, I know you probably would ask me to go with you, but you know I have to do this. You don’t ask, you don’t demand to be there otherwise means I don’t like you,  can’t you relate to this?


But hey, when you come back at night I will be there for you. I don’t have a wife, you might have, a wife, an husband, a boyfriend… it’s the same, even if you have your cat waiting! Just let me focus on this screen right now, that’s all!


And we question ourselves, why are we doing this in the first place? We should love this shit right? I love music, I love my guitars, just like I want to buy a Nord Synth to make my own background tracks for my trailers for therenderblog. I “lose” at least one day finding the song, but you know what? It’s funny, even if that day I lose you think is not productive, well in my point of view it is, because in that day when I “lose myself” and maybe talk to people around to ask stupid questions to get stupid outcomes that maybe can actually inspire me, for real. Yes, inspiration, you can find it in odd places.

Conclusion ( yes, the render is ready, need to get back )

So, I really have to get back to the new stuff I am working on for the blog, a complete redesign ( I will try to do myself since I do for others, that’s my other side job ), and mostly working on new material, so many ideas guys, I find inspiration everywhere, mostly around people, but sometimes and many times also in the computer, places like Lesterbanks and ArtStation, you just have to tell people that you are passionate about it, and they will eventually understand that you can’t be there all the time.

render test

You know, or this or I am Citizen Insane.

Thank you for reading therenderblog and see you soon,

  • Emergency Message

    I fall on and out of it. But I always come back to 3D. Great post btw . the most successful people are often the most dedicated.

  • Kristijan Mrsic

    I totally get you. I’m basically the same, doing this for years and also sometimes this job gets so frustrating, but hey whose job does not…and I’m thinking why am I doing this…and then a shot comes along or situation or people and juices start flowing and I get lost in the process it just pulls me in…and yes sometimes people look at you funny :)
    For me inspiration comes from all sorts of directions mostly not planned and that’s the thing…I find myself staring at dirt patterns on the bus in front of me or some odd lighting situation up on the sky….and people and things they do.
    I found myself one morning thinking…morning coffee at the caffe just like everybody else around me, people reading newspaper, politics, sport…what not..and me I’m reading cgsociety, fxguide, prolost, vimeo, technical papers….all cg/vfx related….sort of like everybody else just different section in people’s magazine :)

    One line I took with me, now years, I think it was Stu Maschwitz that said:
    We create worlds using nothing but mouse clicks!
    It was like yes moment for me! Stu got it right (as usual).
    So, people, art, knowledge, learning driven by endless curiosity and passion for images, sounds, things that trigger emotions, I think this is what drives us.

    • therenderblog

      Thank you for your comment, loved that sentence “We create worlds using nothing but mouse clicks!”, yes!