Modeling for Production new course

So I am returning with this new course, even tho I was about to quit blogging, but after a failed adventure to London, as you can follow in the blog, I had to come back to it. But I really enjoy 3D and it was just one experience, I believe we all have a place in the cg industry if we push it hard enough, we just have to work on a proper portfolio. In this course we focus on modeling properly, so we don’t have any problems along the pipeline, “bad” models, uvs or texturing will ruin the final piece. So let me start a new round of courses focus on proper pipeline, the first volume is modeling. I am still working on the design update for the blog, but time, you can’t buy it. The course will be available on one week from the publishing of this page, August 8, and as always “pre-order period” so the previous customers can have a good discount.