Multi-Tile UV workflow in Nuke


So I am working on this floor texture using a tileable texture as a base. The problem with tileables in this case is that you will get a lot of repetition. My idea was to paint over some patches in mari to break that pattern. I thought that would be a good idea to import the floor geometry and camera to nuke and check where I needed to paint those patches, using the nuke’s scanline render for quick feedback. Since I was using multi tile uv’s I was not sure how to setup the textures and uv space inside nuke, but it’s very easy as you will see in this post.

UV tiles

mari uv tiles

The first step is to check the layout of your uv tiles, in this case I have 5 tiles along the the U space.

nuke textures

Now load the textures and organize them, in this case from floor_diffuse.1001.tif to floor_diffuse.1005.tif. Then add a transform node for each file and now just offset the texture using the transform’s translate x, the first texture since is in the 0-1 uv space you dont need to offset it, but keep the transform there empty. For the second offset it to the size of the texture, for example if your textures are 2K, offset it 2048px in the translate x. And then you just have to follow the pattern, for the third texture do the math size of texture * 2, and so on. Since nuke can do the math just enter in the input 2048*3 for example.

nuke uv tiles

Merge material

nuke merge material

The final step is to merge all the textures using the MergeMat node and apply the result to the img input of your geometry.

nuke render

So now I can paint the patches in mari/photoshop and reload all the textures in nuke to check the repetitive pattern and correct it. Of course you can use this trick just to do some retexturing inside nuke or for any other reason, in this case was a simple example of rendering the camera view inside nuke for quick feedback instead of making test renders in maya with surface shaders. Leave a comment below if you found this useful or if you have any other approach for multi tile uv setup inside nuke.

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  • dekekincaid

    We added a UVTile node to Nuke a couple years ago (v6.3) which can do this automatically for you using either UDIM numbers or basic U and V offset values.

    An even easier solution if you are already using Mari and install the Nuke Mari connection on the Nuke side. From inside Mari you do simply goto the top menubar > Nuke > Send > UV Texture(s). This will automatically export the UDIM’s and setup a nodegraph in Nuke with all the tile offset setup for you in a pretty group node.

    • therenderblog

      Thanks for that, that’s super useful! ;)