Paper, pencil and projects

Oktoberfest is coming and it’s time to reset the ideas and keep working on the shelf’s. Haven’t tried yet Maya 2017 neither had state of mind to redesign the blog. So many ideas and we keep expressing our self’s in so many different mediums. Walls of shame, wall of fame and painted stones to guide us to the true inspiration. Sometimes watching the ocean I think about all the different “rhythm and hues”. Shame on the film industry to take down the future of million’s of artists writing, blogging and getting away with nothing but money. In this article I want to share some of the resources I find online and offline to keep you motivated.

UI Design

Operating systems, programming, virtual reality and new technology arriving everyday to our homes, even if you have a small poor house in India, I heard they have fast connections in the neighborhood. Then you go to place like “” and it’s full of work, bad design, fast or slow, cheap or highly paid you always have a chance to make some extra cash. I’m talking about game design, web design, packaging, and if you’re starting out in this industry I can tell you that it’s an “inside job”, working on your own it’s quite frustrating at times but for me, nature and your surrounding’s can be more effective that “copy cats”.
What I mean is, put some nice music on the background, draw even if you can’t you might get it right after a few attempts. There is an incredible amount of artwork being produced and there is no escuse to blame others if you don’t succeed and achieve your goals. Muzli, an extension to google chrome is one of the best examples I can share with you.

Here is a list of websites that I can recommend:


In this video from “Mold3D TV” the instructor explains on how to create “Cold Casting” out of your 3D Prints, which is a nice way to practice your artistic skills, even without having any sort of degree on arts. So many examples on youtube about 3D printing, photo scanning in cheap ways, even with a simple laser and a web cam you can start to understand the real possibilities of 3D. This new level of understanding can take you to the dream job in the entertainment industry. Sooner or later you will get noticed and the only thing you can do is to start somewhere. I started this blog 3 years ago and never thought I could make some money out of it, and from the first idea I had, and so many tips I have from other artists and instructors, mostly from it’s time to build something more meaningful for your businessor career.


Another great resource we can rely on, but sometimes hard to read and understand are scientific papers that come out of studies from people that really understand the matter. Thing’s we can’t interpret somehow, like the fresnel formula or the Shlick’s aproxximation. At the time I was doing “research and development” to create the “Viewport render” or the “custom tools” panel I never thought about selling it, but pushing it a bit more we can get the result. In the last class of the “Modeling for production”, I explained how simple it’s to learn python, plenty of examples on this blog. And another great resource is SIGGRAPH From motion control, to fluids simulations, rigging and the most interesting subject for me “PHYSICAL PHENOMENA“.

Another Planet

I listed often to this kind of lectures and know some people that go throw the exploration of this kind of experience to get inspiration. Talking about drugs. Very interesting talks online from “Terence McKenna” that talks about on how to experience another levels of consciousness, where you get into the world of fractal noises and whatnot, all the kind of magical places you can imagine. Very interesting subject to explore in future blog posts.

THU 2016

Thank you,
João Chaves