Procedural shading in Arnold

In this video we will create several procedural textures to recreate some real world shading effects, such as rust and painted metal. We take advantage of the alShaders noise library for Arnold, and also use some native Maya nodes, like the blendColors, samplerInfo and remap nodes. This video is part of the procedural shading section of our new course.

  • Reader

    Thanks for sharing!
    Is this a straight excert from Advanced Shading course?
    I mean this is way too quick for me to understand what happens where, in terms of samplerInfo, HSV remap and all that stuff with node conncetions.
    And i wonder if in original course things are going a bit slower and in depth with those kind of things?


    • therenderblog

      This is a demo workflow. Anything you don’t understand let me know, the connections are pretty simple.