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Your First Mari Python Script

In this video we will take a look at scripting inside Mari. You might be familiar with python within Maya, but although you can apply the same syntax, you will have to get used to the Mari API. We will create a script to automate the process of importing cameras and projecting their respective images, keeping everything organized. It’s a quick and easy script to understand and it will be a great start if you want to get into Mari’s Python API.┬áThis video is part of of our new course.

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Multi-Tile UV workflow in Nuke


So I am working on this floor texture using a tileable texture as a base. The problem with tileables in this case is that you will get a lot of repetition. My idea was to paint over some patches in mari to break that pattern. I thought that would be a good idea to import the floor geometry and camera to nuke and check where I needed to paint those patches, using the nuke’s scanline render for quick feedback. Since I was using multi tile uv’s I was not sure how to setup the textures and uv space inside nuke, but it’s very easy as you will see in this post.

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Photoshop for 3D artists


Mari is becoming the standard painting software these days, but photoshop still have a lot of use for 3D artists. It’s such a versatile software that even if you not painting your textures inside photoshop you can use it to prepare your textures, projections, cleaning, etc. In this post I will share a few tips that I use in photoshop from a 3D artist point of view.

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Ptex workflow with arnold and mari


Ptex has been around for a few years now, but the lack of support in major render packages and 3D programs made it difficult for freelance artists to integrate into their own pipeline. I decided to give it a try in my current project and see the pros and cons by myself. So in this post I am going to show you how I painted ptex textures in mari and the workflow you need to follow if you want to test it on your own projects. Along the way a few photoshop and mari tips.

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