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Advanced Shading Techniques vol 2 – short preview

In this video, taken from the new course from therenderblog, we will be looking at the subject uv’s.. This video is part of our last course.

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Highlight removal techniques for texturing

In this video we will have a look on how to clean up highlights and general lighting information so you we have a better diffuse input in the shaders. This video is part of of our new course.

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How to linearize textures in Photoshop

We all have watched and read about linear workflow dozens of times. We’re not talking about linear workflow again, this time we will see how to convert your default sRGB textures to linear inside Photoshop, and understand how Photoshop deals with color profiles. This video is part of the CG Generalist Course.

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Calibrating images with colorchecker reference

calibrate images colorchecker

If you shooting for texture reference or lighting acquisition (hdri), you may want to keep your images  as “raw” as possible. This means keeping your images linear and the colors/exposure correct. In this post we discuss a basic workflow for calibrating raw images with colorchecker reference, using Nuke.

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Photoshop for 3D artists


Mari is becoming the standard painting software these days, but photoshop still have a lot of use for 3D artists. It’s such a versatile software that even if you not painting your textures inside photoshop you can use it to prepare your textures, projections, cleaning, etc. In this post I will share a few tips that I use in photoshop from a 3D artist point of view.

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