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Rendering large scale ocean surfaces in Maya


Rendering large scale ocean surfaces can be an hard task to accomplish, there are plenty of plugins and built in tools to do it, but it’s not always simple to setup and understand the technical attributes. In this post I will walk you through the scene setup to achieve the final result you can see in the above image.

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10 Maya quick tips

autodesk maya tips

In this post I will share a few more maya tips that can help you to work faster inside maya. Simple python scripts and some “not-so-obvious” maya options that will make your life easier.

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Creating Realistic Grass with VRayFur


In this tutorial I show you how to setup a quick realistic grass scene using vray fur. This is very usefull when you need a quick solution that doesn’t look too “CG” and can give your scene a more natural look.

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Adding texture detail with noise shaders in maya


I am working in this old-looking scene where I need too add some dirt/moss. Most of the textures are done in photoshop where I add all the details needed, but in some objects it would be less efficient doing that way, which requires some sort of uv editing and hand painting the details in a way that “looks good”. So instead of that we can use procedual shaders/nodes to mix some tileable textures untill we get a decent result.

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Creating texture patterns in maya


If you are like me and you dont use much illustrator or you even dont know how to make repetitive patterns in photoshop, you may want to try doing it in maya. The basic workflow is to model the primitive shapes and use snapshot or duplicate special to make the patters that you need. Then just do an “ID pass” type of render and use it as a mask in your texture editing software.

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