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Python script to replace a file by an alTriplanar node

In this video we’re going to automate the process by creating a simple python script that will replace a default file node by an alTriplanar node, setting everything properly. This is a video sample from our new course

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Manipulating UVS in 3D Space

In this video we’ll have a look at some “soup” nodes that will allow us to manipulate the uvs in the 3D space, converting the uvs into an editable mesh. We will also take the time to create a python script to automate the process so we don’t have to recreate the same setup over and over. This video is part of of our new course.

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Your First Mari Python Script

In this video we will take a look at scripting inside Mari. You might be familiar with python within Maya, but although you can apply the same syntax, you will have to get used to the Mari API. We will create a script to automate the process of importing cameras and projecting their respective images, keeping everything organized. It’s a quick and easy script to understand and it will be a great start if you want to get into Mari’s Python API. This video is part of of our new course.

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Projections in Maya with python

In this video we use python to automate the process of camera projection setup inside Maya. Creating the projections cameras, importing the images and setting the correct focal length. We take advantage of the PIL module to extract exif data from the images. This video is part of of our new course.

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5 Useful Python Commands


In this post I will share 5 python commands that you can use in your scripts or in your daily tasks inside Maya. Things like renaming transform and shape nodes, query material connections or manage your lights attributes. Really simple to understand and ready to use in the script editor.

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