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Render-time perfect booleans with VRayDistanceTex


I don’t like to use booleans at all, but I came across this video¬†where the guys from chaosgroup show how they used the¬†VRayDistanceTex to make render-time booleans, similar to the renderman feature. There is no cutting or “bad” geometry tesselation, this is render-time raytracing. In this post I will show you how to do this in maya, but if you are using 3ds max you can do it as well using the same aproach.

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Using maya projections for texture reference

maya projection texturing

When you are trying to match the texture details from a real image, it can be difficult to get it right just by looking at it. In this post I am going to share how using maya projections can help you in your texturing tasks. The basic idea is to project your image reference in the geometry and bake that texture to UV space.

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