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Advanced Shading Techniques vol 2 – short preview

In this video, taken from the new course from therenderblog, we will be looking at the subject uv’s.. This video is part of our last course.

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Multi-Tile UV workflow in Nuke


So I am working on this floor texture using a tileable texture as a base. The problem with tileables in this case is that you will get a lot of repetition. My idea was to paint over some patches in mari to break that pattern. I thought that would be a good idea to import the floor geometry and camera to nuke and check where I needed to paint those patches, using the nuke’s scanline render for quick feedback. Since I was using multi tile uv’s I was not sure how to setup the textures and uv space inside nuke, but it’s very easy as you will see in this post.

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10 Maya tips to boost your workflow


In this post I will share some tips and tricks that will help you to improve your workflow when working in Maya. From small python scripts that can resize your 4k images to a smaller format when doing some preview renders, to simple tips and shortcuts, I am sure that there will be something for every maya artist around.

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Using maya projections for texture reference

maya projection texturing

When you are trying to match the texture details from a real image, it can be difficult to get it right just by looking at it. In this post I am going to share how using maya projections can help you in your texturing tasks. The basic idea is to project your image reference in the geometry and bake that texture to UV space.

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