Therenderblog custom python tools panel


Some readers of this blog asked me to share a custom panel that I use in maya, so I have cleaned it a bit and removed some scripts that I only use in my particular workflow. Feel free to download and use it in your own way, add more scripts that you have floating around in your shelfs or build your own.

Video Overview

In this overview video I try to show you how you can use some of the scripts.


Just unzip the downloaded file and place the 3 scripts in your maya scrips folder, something like “C:\Users\admin\Documents\maya\scripts“. Place the icons inside your icons folder “C:\Users\admin\Documents\maya\2014-x64\prefs\icons” .


Some of the scripts you will find in the custom maya panel.

Arnold quick settings
arnold quick settings
Arnold AOV’s inside renderview and Preview render regions
animated regions render arnold aovs


Some of the scripts are windows OS based, so if you are using mac or linux you will need to replace the OS commands. Sometimes the panel doesn’t load or loads empty, just switch between the AE and customPanel and load again the customPanel from the maya menu. Also some of the tools are arnold renderer specific.


Download custom maya tools panel from creativecrash

That’s it, let me know if you find any bugs or leave your feedback below. Enjoy.

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  • Zeno Pelgrims

    Thanks for sharing this! I especially like the debug options. Very very useful!

  • connor paterson

    Hi. Great tool, however I’m having trouble loading the render passes and get this error

    “# Error: Failed to open IFF file for reading : C:/Users/cpaterso/AppData/Local/Temp//maya6092000000000116A6C0.iff #”

    any idea what might be causing this?


    • therenderblog

      Check this post:

      You need to make sure that you have openexr plugin loaded, check your tmp images path also.

      • connor paterson

        I thought as much…

        Here’s a question.. I am currently rendering a scene that I change the location for every time I version up. (for reviews and so on). Is there a way to have the image path in the script update every time I create a new version, without having to manually change the script? Or… make it so that the .tmp folder always stays in the same default location no matter what I change my version path too?

        • therenderblog

          Do you change maya project everytime you save a scene? If you want send me an email with an example so I can replicate the pattern and update the script.

  • kenny11

    HI. I can’t see Viewport render Menu..

  • Matt

    Maya 2013 version would be great.

    • therenderblog

      Did you try to install in maya 2013? It should work just fine. I started using it on maya 2012, let me know.

      • Matt

        Thank’s for the quick reply.

        I have tried running it on 2013 setup at home and get -

        # Error: TypeError: Invalid flag ‘sizeable’ #

        2014 setup at work is fine.

        • therenderblog

          Open the main script, on line 550 and remove “,sizeable=0″. Let me know if it works.

          • Matt

            That did the trick , awesome!
            Thank you.

  • Andres

    Help me ,i try load ‘Therenderblog custom tool’ i get this error in the script editor maya 2014 ,OS Linux

    # Error: ValueError: file /home/vfx/maya/2014-x64/scripts/ line 308: No object matches name: defaultArnoldRenderOptions.textureAutomip #

    • OhKOO

      Getting the same error:

      # Error: ValueError: file /Users/MYNAME/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2015-x64/scripts/ line 308: No object matches name: defaultArnoldRenderOptions.textureAutomip

      Any ideas?


      • therenderblog

        If you delete these lines you get any error?

        || file: || starting at line ~307

        #query state

        mipQ = cmds.getAttr(‘defaultArnoldRenderOptions.textureAutomip’)

        widgets['checkTextures'] = cmds.checkBox( label=’Auto mipmap’)

        cmds.connectControl( widgets['checkTextures'], ‘defaultArnoldRenderOptions.textureAutomip’ )

        • OhKOO

          Hey thanks for the response.

          Deleting the lines causes additional RuntimeErrors in the lines following:

          (Additional: Im running Mac OS X, maya 2015)

          • therenderblog

            I see, they changed the attribute names probably in maya 2015 version. I will update the script for maya 2015. I will reply to this comment when I finish it.

          • OhKOO

            Let me know if there’s any information (code attributes) i can help source!


  • Emma

    Yes, it works perfectly! Maya 2014 on Mavericks. I don’t know if Arnold is required, I have it, but I use it with vrayMtl.

    Just place the 3 script files (separately, not still in the folder) in:

    Hope this helps! I’ve very excited about this script, so I hope I could help others a little also by sharing my experience.

    Thank you Therenderblog for sharing, this means a lot for all of us!!

  • Tung small

    Help me ,i get this error
    maya 2014 ext sp2 ,win7

    # Warning: pymel.internal.factories : could not create a PyNode for manipulator type nexManip