Therenderblog saying goodbye


Hello guys. I have been creating tutorials for the last 2 years or so, therenderblog is much more than I expected, but unfortunately I wont have more time to focus on tutorials, since I want to work for a studio full time. The blog and its content will be kept online for now, but I don’t want to keep it online outdated, so I will take it down in July/August.

New journey

So I moved for good to London, got a job proposal throw a friend and I couldn’t resist. I left my lovely island and came to London with many dreams and hopes about working in the industry. Lovely city, nice people, textures and reflections everywhere, live music just around the corner, and this guy from the photo trying to steal my sun glasses, smart people I met on the streets. :D


So, I started my job last week, work went really smooth, just a bit unstable with the timings since I was still finding myself on the streets, asking everyone where the hell is Hoxton :o Always got a bit late to the work.

Project..what project?

Right, on Friday everything was working so good, I was loving it, working in the industry for the first time of my life. I could take out my shoes,  drink milk from the fridge, play dards, and of course do some work.


“Sorry Joao, we don’t have more work for you.” So on Friday I had to let go, the project they wanted me to work for 6 months was cancelled and they just told me to go out. I was positive about it, because I trust my skills and I can do it on another vfx studio I hope. The person in charge to fire me was really nice to me, she looked honest about it, she was worried :( I felt for her, for the guy that hired me via email and of course my colleagues, we were always laughing :)

“You cant stay here” So I was going to my hostel, Clink King’s Cross , to book another few days to figure out what I should do next. They tell me in the reception that I am on some sort of black list, since I didnt left the luggage on the proper place. To be honest, it was hard, I was also having a good time at that place, nice people, miss the italian guy, Marco, that was  always telling me not to smoke on the stairs :D


In the morning I was so happy with my new metal texture and excited to show to my colleagues the work I have done, they always had good feedback and criticism to give me.

Well, at this time of the day I was pissed off, everything was going wrong, went to an italian restaurant next to the hostel to get some wifi and eat something. They also wanted me out of there. :D “You can’t stay because you order take away.” They didnt gave me the wifi password, the woman couldnt find it (huh). At least they gave me 5 minutes to stay with the luggage outside, the restaurant was empty, I was the only customer, but my money wasnt good enough for them.


Fortunately I found this man, this wise man on the streets that shared a cigarette with me. He didnt kicked me, he was expecting me. He told me in the end after a few laughs and drags, “Just be!”. “Haven’t you figured out yet what you love?”

So, after a day figuring out what to do, someone contacted me to be a tutor on a school :) I said no, because I believe I am not there yet, I want to feel more the pressure and the tight deadlines :)



So I visited the guru, I was confused with all of this! In the end they just wanted to sell me a book. The guru didn’t talk much, wise man. He just said to my thoughts “there is a new opportunity around the corner”. :)

I am in London, if you need private 3D lessons on skype, if you have a studio where you are looking for new recruits, here I am. :) Email me at

Why closing therenderblog?

So, this would be the perfect time to come back to blogging and online tutorials, but I want to get back to my office, wherever and whenever, soon enough I hope. Because I am going to visit you all vfx studios in London :D

Time, money, effort, and mostly the quality of the content. I haven’t been able to keep it lately, I had to rush a bit the last tutorials, just released class 3 out of 5 for the last course, Advanced Shading Techniques volume 2.

render test

You probably have a story too, I am positive about all of this, but I just realised how this industry is so messy, it’s all about money and we are just there doing what we love.

So, before I close therenderblog I will do a promotion, so you guys can get my courses before I take it down. There is a new campaign so you get all the courses listed on the products section, 50$. Use the link on the sidebar to checkout or using this link .

Thank you for reading therenderblog and see you soon,
João Chaves

  • skaven

    I’m sad that you wont continue the blog, but welcome to London anyway :)

  • Rui

    Best of luck. I have been reading your blog for the last two years and bought your courses and recommended to my colegues. Always great to see portuguese people going places. Have a great stay in london.

  • Christopher R

    You had some good tutorials, I personally liked and kept :-) I wanted to buy your tutorial but cash has been low so if you ever offer them for a limited time at a extremely low, low price I would love to scoop them up.
    Hopefully when my blog gets online I can take over where you left off.

    Good Luck !

  • Emil Lindfors

    You’ve been putting out good stuff, thanks! I found the Maya viewport render tutorial useful (that was a while ago :) ).

    I feel taking the whole site down would be a slightly weird decision, why not just have a big banner that says you’re on a pause and will not be posting anything new for a while? That way you would still have all the existing content available and people can still come in and find and buy your old tuts, which seems like a win-win to me.

    In any case, best of luck to you!

  • Edmond Hyun Ho Yi

    Your Blog really helpful to me
    Thank Your & Good luck
    And I hope a great Your VFX result :)

  • Kevin Ohlsson

    Best of luck, would encourage you to share some industry tips from what your continued learnings in the industry. You don’t have to focus on the technical stuff as much moving forward if you decide to keep doing the blog :) Thank you for your contributions, i very much appreciated your tutorials, even though they were so fast… lol :)