Time and space between voxels

There was a time, yesterday, that I saw again future and past coming to us, designers, programmers, musicians and creative minds. I am no longer a dreamer or a drumer, I am today a lighter under the stars, how can you even imagine that huh? I been busy trying to understand the place we live in, and the dream is alive.

Tripods and TV are more information and new landscapes that will understand rythm, souls, medicine and maths, I been in the fight of weight. I been everywhere. News just make me jealous about others and how you can be yourself without thoughts and trust is our favourite band. Timeline is smart and you have seen master planes before time.

Machinery is annoying, too many energies on the shoes and on the panic of being black, dark souls out there. Miracles happen to me and I can’t avoid: it.
Facing past is like a snake jumping waves on a private spotlight. Community is sharing with me and I can’t be more than what I believe. Ghosts keep following us, you have to be the boss of your own planet’s and trust your skin coming out of your hands.

Blood is my sign between traumas, and going back to London in my memory is like singing out loud and finding your own voice between jokes of day dreamers.
I remember too much love and movies are around in my books. Coming back to writing after the sunny day I had yesterday is like memory extruding in jumps between thoughts and you feel that you have a body of lies inside you.

Teachers are there for the cause, explanations you have in your left hand, still you wonder about time flying between your dreams about tomorrow.
Now you feel the reality check and never before and there’s a movie just in front of my house of cards. Real people around me make me feel special when I was just a slim brother of others.

Now there is no coming back from a past where you were so lonely in your own world. Still you have the planet to understand refraction, rainbows, shape and design turns out to be so easy going. Friends are crazy around Madeira Islands, turn on the volume and fly with the pope, that was my dream a few days ago. I am today illusion of yesterday. Love letters, symbols and creativity and feelings are inspiring you everywhere. I used to be a copy cat about my own studio.

You are what you become for good or evil, so don’t worry about mondays, the weekend is magical if you make it possible. Guns are as heavy as you feel it, gun shoots are terror of feedback and helicopters flying around to protect burned out dreamers. You truly see outside the box, still there is always a mindset to control your lies, you can’t avoid it but come back to life. So, this blkog needs a major design update, i don’t like what i see anymore. I have done so many good copies of others before that I need to do so much that one can’t be a god for a day. :)

Anyways, we are no longer this chains of exchange rates, we can avoid: tools and cars to smoke it out and think wiser. My guitars don’t lie to me, my customers don’t even dare to fly. My weird journey is over once again, I need power devines from good people, not helpless souls burning my food just to make me try again to see fire stones and logs of pianos.

If I could even show you the long night’s I been at paradise with deamons releived from karma you would understand me. We won’t fly or be spider webs, but lights on and off? what a trick.

Right, no much more to say before goodbye, Modeling for production is here to make you squeeze your deep dope inside your beatifull art seen online and offline. I wonder how you can paint so many deamons inside your studios, I want to learn to be a painter too. How lucky strike you can feel when you control the local radio and police is just around the corner thinking of your puch in the wall.

Sugar canes, plants, cows everywhere here, inspirations for freedom, I am untitled evrywhere in my rolling warnings about my time. Voxels, those we get for free and we make them dream about it all the time. No one else can slow it down or calm the wizard growing inside my invisibility communication.

Out of this place we are crazy evils even without noticing time flying. Research and development is what I do every single day outside, be wiser about your true powers of beeing a child every day.

Thank you,
João Chaves